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We are now offering a new service called askmyGP, which makes it faster and easier for you to get help.  

You can use a smartphone or any computer, enter your details and your problem, medical or any other question.  You can name your own preferred GP.  You can seek help for your child or someone you care for as long as the patient is registered with the practice.

askmyGP saves you having to ring up, and there’s never a queue online. 

We encourage patients to use askmyGP online portal whenever possible however if you have no internet access, please call the practice number Florence Road Surgery 020 8567 2111.

Please click the link below to access:\

Online Consultation

Prescriptions and Registration Forms

Repeat prescriptions requests may be emailed to

[email protected] or request via askmyGP

New Registrations forms should be emailed to

[email protected] or register online via